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Nika from the barrel

If you like Japanese whisky, you should try out this blend that you will likely mistake for a single malt.

Setup your own notion blog

Two weeks ago, we asked ourselves the question: "Can we build a blog with Notion". The result is the blog you are currently reading. We want everyone to publish more of their knowledge and to make this easy...

How we build this blog

Our goal is to create more content and using Notion, where we already spent a lot of time, makes it a lot easier to achieve this goal. So how did we create this blog using the new Notion API?

Powercab 112 plus

After owning a Helix for a couple of years, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the Powercab 112 plus.


Over time I set up a lot of computers, for myself or helping out friends with their first gaming/productivity rig. One task you always have when setting up a new computer is installing the default applications like;

Aberlour 12 years Double Cask Matured

For me it's a great whisky to share with friends, since this way you won't be breaking the bank if you empty a bottle in an evening with some friends.

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